Healthy Indoor Air Quality…Automated 

Overture is the only automated fresh air system that monitors indoor air quality, then does something about it. We get it; you can't always see or notice the air pollution lurking in your home or know what to do about it. Overture does both. It continuously monitors your indoor air quality and activates your home's ventilation system to help you get rid of the stuff you can't see and bring in fresh, filtered air.  

Matt Power, Editor-in-Chief at Green Builder, recently talked with our Product Manager, Taz Khalil, and Communications Manager Dave Jones about Overture. 

Real-time Sensors & pollution control 

Matt Power: My understanding is that Overture uses real-time sensors to reduce pollution and control ventilation?

Automated-Image-1.png Taz Khalil: The Overture system consists of three products that help automate your indoor air quality when paired with your ventilation devices. Two of the products have sensors built into them. When they recognize a pollutant going above a threshold that we've set, it'll automatically turn on things like your bath fans, your range hoods, or even your fresh air systems to take care of that problem. Sure thing. If you're cooking, for example, or you're cleaning your countertops, Overture will recognize those pollutants within the air and automatically turn on your range hood to exhaust those fumes out of your home."


Automated-Image-2.pngMatt Power: Would Overture also balance other spot ventilation or fresh air systems? For example, you have a bath fan and an ERV running, would it turn one up and turn one down?

Taz Khalil: Overture will accommodate all of the ventilation systems within your home to balance fresh air throughout. Let's say you have a supply fan, as your ventilation devices duct exhaust air out of your home, that supply fan will also bring in fresh air to accommodate the balance of that air within your home.

ASHRAE 62.2 

Matt Power: How does Overture affect compliance standards such as ASHRAE 62.2? Can you still meet your basic ventilation needs? Will it throw anything out of whack?

Dave Jones: Overture was built with ASHRAE 62.2 in mind. The algorithm that runs Overture considers the ASHRAE 62.2 standard when it's deciding what action to take. So, it'll never throw your home out of whack. The AI series can automatically self-balance itself to say, "I'm noticing some resistance here on the outgoing airflow," and it will adjust that motor.

Automated-Image-3.pngMatt Power: The fact that it's adjusting the motor to meet the demand, I would assume, means it's not overcompensating? So essentially, you are adding an energy efficiency component because you're only supplying enough energy power speed as necessary to complete the task? Along with using minimum required energy to accomplish this?

Dave Jones: The unit has sensors built into it that can read airflow. So it's not just a motor speed; it's the actual physical airflow, so you will always maintain proper airflow, no matter what the circumstances are. In regards to minimum energy being used, you are right. It's an on-demand power that is there when you need it, and then when you do not need it, it's back to normal levels.

How to set up Overture? 


Matt Power: How do you set up Overture, and is there a mobile app associated with it? 

 Taz Khalil: The app is like any other app you've used before. To set up a smart home product, you log into the app, connect to the device, provide your Wi-Fi information, SSID, and password. And from there, it recognizes that information. And it communicates via our cloud. So, any updates that we push are 100% free; always push to your devices from a firmware and software level."

Who Installs Overture? 
Matt Power: Who is the point person on installing Overture? 

Taz Khalil: The point person typically would be your electrical contractor or your custom integrator. In some instances, it is whoever is installing the switches or the electrical wiring within your home. They will help the homeowner set up the switches, and then your custom integrator will help you set up the app and set up the system for optimum usage. 

It becomes a straightforward task for a retrofit application. It's as simple as taking out your fan switch and replacing it with Overture. Along with our room sensors and our smart plugs, they plug into just a regular 120-volt outlet. So from a retrofit perspective, it's relatively simple to set up. And from a new construction perspective, it's even more accessible." 


Dave Jones: There is one more thing about Overture's system that is important! There's no hub needed for this product as well. So there's no need for installing some unit in a closet or on a shelf somewhere else. For either new or retrofit construction, there is not an added component. It's just either installing an outlet where one would normally be installed or a switch to replace a switch.

Overall, Matt Powers sees Overture and the sensors as game-changers because you are quickly aware of identifying where the problem is and how you can receive fresh, clean air into your home.
Find out more about Overture here.

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