Singing in the Shower Just Got Better
The Broan-NuTone® Speaker Fan/Light

Have you ever caught yourself singing in the shower, stopped and wondered why you’ve never been nominated for a Grammy? (Stupid question, who hasn’t done this?) Well, you’re in luck, because your morning concerts are about to get better.


The Broan-NuTone SPK80L is an 80 CFM bathroom ventilation fan with Bluetooth® speaker. It is ideal for bathrooms of around 75 square feet and that operates at 2.5 sones – or quiet enough you won’t have problems singing over it. It has an LED module in the cover that will brighten up any space, small or large. Integrated into the LED module is a B​luetooth speaker that you can connect to with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device to play your favorite music (Air Supply), ambient noise (a gentle breeze) or audio book (Into Thin Air).


Bluetooth connection is easy, too. After installation of the fan housing, motor and LED-lighted cover, just go into your smart device’s Bluetooth settings and select “Fan Speaker” to connect. Then, turn on your favorite jams and get ready for a party! No more worrying about what your family might think when you’re singing in the shower. After installing this product, they’ll be lining up to purchase tickets to your sudsy, one-person performance!

This speaker fan is the newest product in the ever-innovative Broan-NuTone® line-up, and it is guaranteed to make you sound and feel like Beyoncé (disclaimer: we haven’t figured out how to make people sound like Beyoncé yet, but stay posted).

Learn more about the Broan-NuTone Speaker Fan/Light by entering model number SPK80L in the search bar or visit your favorite home improvement retailers, such as like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Amazon, in store or online. Feel free to give that second encore!
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