One trip to the home. One installation. No callbacks.

We’re about to make a lot of noise about two new lines of Broan bath fans. Ironically, they, themselves, barely make any noise at all.

The new Broan QTDC™ and Low Profile DC fans fill out our lineup of DC-powered products, which also includes the Flex DC. These new fans deliver the top performance and ideal flexibility that solidify Broan’s position as the leader in home and bathroom ventilation.
By teaming QTDC™ and LoPro DC series fans with the Flex DC, there’s now a DC-powered Broan model for every home, every application and every customer preference.
So why should you be a fan of these fans? It all starts with the power behind them, the new Broan DC motor.
While there are many benefits of DC power in a bath fan, professionals tell us that Broan’s selectable CFM technology is at the top of the list. With selectable CFM, it’s fast and easy to adjust the fan’s CFM performance to one of three levels. That means a single fan can be used in multiple applications, dependent on building tightness and codes.
One fan with multiple CFM options cuts down on inventory and on callbacks, boosting the bottom line.
Here’s a quick overview of the SKUs in this lineup.
The QT series, with their best-in-class CFM to sound ratios has been given an upgrade with the DC motor. The QTDC™ draws even less power with the same CFM and sound performance - up to 150 CFM and less than .7 sones. It also includes the selectable CFM feature found in our Flex DC fan, which allows installers to select from 50, 80, or 110 CFM. The QTDC™ series fans run at 110, or 150 CFM and range from .3 sones at 110 CFM and .7 sones at 150 CFM. That makes QTDC™ ideal for master baths, other higher-end home applications or in any space where customers are looking for efficient, near-silent operation.

QTDC™ is available in unlighted and lighted configurations that ensure the right fan for the right room. The high-power, dual LEDs on the lighted models deliver superior intensity, with dimmable LED that can be adjusted to light up the entire room or simply provide a soft night light. Those energy efficient LEDs are designed for long life – up to 10,000 hours each – and without the heat emitted from traditional incandescent lamps.
Many homeowners believe the bigger the fan, the bigger the performance. The new LoPro DC from Broan is about to change that way of thinking. The all-new LoPro DC features a compact, low-profile housing at just 4 inches high, built to fit where other fans won’t.

The powerful and quiet Broan DC motor in LoPro DC delivers big-fan production, with speeds adjustable from 50, 80, to 100 CFM. It’s that quiet operation and low-profile design that make LoPro DC the ideal choice for multi-family applications or any other place where larger, conventional fans simply don’t fit.
The low-profile, galvanized steel housing is designed to fit perfectly into 2-by-4 stud cavities in walls, which opens up the installation landscape. And its shorter housing provides unmatched flexibility in retrofits and even new construction, where space in overhead floor or ceiling joints is tight. 
The DC motor also delivers ultra-quiet operation in LoPro DC, as low as .3 sones at 50 CFM. At 80 CFM, LoPro DC also runs as quiet as a whisper at .6 sones. Even at a top speed of 100 CFM, the LoPro DC checks in at a quiet 1.2 sones.
What truly sets apart the LoPro DC is it’s onboard intelligence that self regulates the fan speed to deliver constant CFM, no matter the static pressure.
Here’s how it works. The built-in processor continually monitors the fan
wheel speed and the flow of electrical current. When the processor senses resistance, it tells the motor to work harder to maintain the selected CFM. It all happens automatically and unnoticed by the homeowners. What they will notice, however, is the consistent quality of the air in their home.
What does the introduction of these new products mean for you?
With the introduction of QTDC™ and LoPro DC, along with the Flex DC™, Broan now offers a full-line of DC-powered fans through just three DC models. Now, you can keep fewer bath fans in stock, reducing your capital investment in inventory.
It also means that when you stock these three DC-powered fans with adjustable CFM, you know you’ll always have the fan for the right application for the right customer.
One trip to the home. One installation. No callbacks.
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