Importance of the Home Ventilating Institute

What is HVI?

The Home Ventilating Institute’s purpose is to "work together to advance and promote responsible ventilation practices through product certification, stakeholder education, and codes and standards participation." Just as the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) works to increase the value of residential ventilation for healthier living, we at Broan-NuTone produce innovative products to make your house’s ventilation better and your home more healthy. 

About HVI

In 1955 the Home Ventilating Institute was founded and began with manufacturers of bathroom fans who recognized they needed to market fair and accurate information. Today, in addition to bathroom fans, the organization represents a wide range of home ventilation products, including range hoods, supply fans, and H/ERVs. Since its establishment, HVI has increased public awareness of the need for adequate and proper ventilation and assisted builders, contractors, and consumers in choosing the right ventilation products for their application. HVI has been given recognition by many agencies, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Department of Energy, National Building Code of Canada, Washington State Building Code, Minnesota State Building Code, BOCA, ICBO, and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. With today's heightened concern over indoor air quality, proper ventilation should be at the top of your list of things to think about when building or remodeling. Ensuring appropriate amounts of fresh air has many benefits for your home and your health.

Benefits of Proper Ventilation

There are many benefits of effective ventilation systems for both your health and your home. 

· Removal of airborne particulates which can aggravate respiratory issues such as allergies and asthma

· Removal of small airborne particles that can potentially spread disease

· Reduction of unhealthy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 

· Reduction of CO2 levels, which can make us feel lethargic and reduce productivity

· Removal of excess humidity which can cause damage to the home

How are products HVI certified? 

HVI members believe in advancing the value of residential ventilation for healthier living, and Broan-NuTone is proud to be a member. Many manufacturers and distributors have volunteered to have their products tested by independent laboratories and certified according to HVI procedures. The HVI-Certified label ensures that your ventilation equipment's advertised airflow, sound ratings, and energy usage are reliable.

HVI's Involvement in Industry

HVI is also playing an increasing role in the industry by supporting more stringent ventilation-related building codes and standards that ultimately result in more healthy living environments. Most of today's commonly adopted model codes reference HVI standards and test procedures to ensure homeowners and apartment-dwellers can enjoy healthy indoor air quality. Broan-NuTone plays a crucial role in HVI governance via the board of director/officer representation and key committee leadership positions.  

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