5 Things to Watch for When Buying or Selling a House

The house buying process puts you through hoops and obstacles of all shapes and sizes, but the home itself shouldn’t. Here are 5 important signs to personally check-off on before signing the dotted line.

1.    Investigate the roof over your head. 
When looking for a potential new home it’s important to take a look at what’s happening to the actual roof. Before you even step inside, be sure to investigate: Does it look new or will you need to make repairs in a year or two? Is it sturdy enough to handle the areas’ extreme weather conditions? How will this effect insurance rates? 

2.    Don’t judge a house by its paint color
All too often homebuyers get swept up in the look of a room rather than its structure. Paint colors, updated bath fan grilles and decor can instantly upgrade an entire room in minutes, but aging appliances (such as range hoods), wiring and the foundation itself will have to stand the test of time. Take a minute to look past the aesthetics and realistically study how the house is (literally) holding up.

3.    Stop and smell the potential airborne dangers
Inhale, exhale. It’s pretty simple, and something you’ll be doing a lot in the place we breathe most. Not only are bad smells foul, they could also cause serious health problems. Indoor air is up to 80% more polluted than the outside.

Take a whiff and look out for these key indicators:

Air smell stale? Is there lingering pet odor? Still smell the chemicals they used to clean before the showing? There’s a chance your home doesn’t have proper airflow. Check to make sure you have strong, whole house ventilation beyond the bathroom. 

4.    See what’s cooking in the kitchen 
The kitchen is the heart of the home. But it’s also the primary source of poor indoor air quality. Excessive moisture, smoke, and airborne dangers will quickly infiltrate every room in your home. 
A microwave oven has its purpose. And so does a range hood. While it may seem like you’re tackling two problems (where to put the microwave and how to ventilate the kitchen) with one appliance, there’s always give and take. And that take could be taking from your well-being. 

Whether you’re a trained chef or cooking novice, from focal point in your kitchen, or concealed in custom cabinetry, the purposeful design of Broan range hoods match any style and allow more effective removal of smoke and odors for improved indoor air quality, and a cleaner kitchen.

5.    Establish deal breakers
There are dating deal breakers, then there are state of living deal breakers. Think the requirements of your lifestyle and the major role your home plays within that. Would you like a craftroom? Make sure there’s a properly ventilated room to accommodate both works of art and fumes. Home gym? Better have a large and high enough space with strong airflow. Powder room off the living area? Should have sound walls and odor removal. Space for backyard barbeques?  Make sure you’re smoking meats and not your guests with proper smoke removal
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