Health Benefits of Fresh Air at Home

We’ve all been told to “Go get some fresh air.” From allergies and congestion, to lack of sleep or a simple need to clear some mental cobwebs, a “breath of fresh air” seems to be the recommended cure-all for several health symptoms. But what exactly are the health and household benefits to breathing in fresh air at home? We’re clearing the air.
When your home breathes, you breathe easier. Here are the key health benefits of breathing fresh air in your home.


  1. Allergy Relief
Dander, dust, mold and other irritants can easily build up within the home. Purifiers alone can filter particulates (pollen, dander, dust) out of the air but they don’t help with other leading factors such as mold, humidity, moisture and harmful gasses. Proper ventilation connected to exterior exhaust such as bath fans,  kitchen range hoods and entire Whole-home fresh air systems will help to remove all of the above from the air while bringing fresh, new air in. This literal breath of fresh air can effectively help alleviate allergy symptoms, making the environment much more comfortable for everyone in the home.


  1. Cleaner Living and Breathing
COVID-19 has drastically changed consumers household cleaning habits. All this wiping down, spraying aerosols, vacuuming frequently and/or using strong chemicals to sanitize can come at a price.  When using household cleaners, be mindful of the Dangerous chemicals (VOC’s) that can circulate into the air you breathe. To be safe, turn on your fresh air system, range hood or open a window before, during and after the use of these products.


  1. Increased Productivity and Better Night’s Sleep
Stress and anxiety aren’t the only factors contributing to a bad night’s sleep. It could be time to take a look at your bedroom’s environment. Studies have shown that both sleep quality and next-day performance can be improved by the increasing the fresh air supply rate in the room we spend about a third of our life in. Catch some Z’s by turning on your vent fans to allow you (and your home) to take a deep breath of fresh air every night.

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