Eliminate humidity, automatically

Houses are built more tightly than ever before to maximize energy efficiency. That’s a good thing, but indoor air quality can suffer as a result. Unless mechanically ventilated, airborne pollutants and moisture stay trapped inside. Uncontrolled humidity inside can lead to unsightly mildew and foggy mirrors, but even slightly elevated humidity levels can lead to mold formation where you may not be able to see it. These problems add up to poor indoor air quality and unhealthy living environments.

Ideally, indoor humidity should be between 40–60%. But a hot shower can lead to a rapid rise in humidity in seconds. That’s why spot ventilation is critical and automating the ventilation process is now easier than ever. You can manage humidity levels with a simple, easy to install solution to create a more comfortable, and healthy living environment. 

Automatic Humidity Sensing Technology
It’s easy to forget to turn the fan on before stepping into the shower. Ask any parent with a teenager. With today’s ultra-quiet fan technology you may think the fan is running even when it’s not. With the Sensaire®
Humidity Sensing Wall Control
, the problem is solved, and since the sensing technology is in the control switch, any bath fan can be converted to a humidity-sensing solution in a matter of minutes. 

A Sensaire® wall control automatically turns the fan on when a rapid rise in humidity is detected. More important, the fan remains on until humidity levels return to a pre-set level. The control turns the fan off automatically so there’s no worry about the fan running all day. 

The convenience of sensing technology in a wall control
By simply changing out an existing wall control with a humidity sensing control you can avoid replacing your existing ventilation fan, ducting or electrical connections. Installing the switch can be done in minutes with simple tools—no ladders, no mess, and no technology compatibility concerns.

How a Humidity Sensing Wall Control Works 
A humidity sensing wall control responds to a rapid increase in humidity and automatically turns the fan on before moisture gets out of control and condenses on mirrors and windows. This is an ideal solution for high traffic bathrooms, the kids’ bathroom or for anyone who might leave the house before humidity is properly vented. Select a wall control that enables the homeowner to achieve the preferred personal humidity balance.

Automatically respond to a rapid rise in humidity
Setting the wall-control to a auto-sense mode is the perfect solution for rooms where turning the fan on is often forgotten. The auto-sense mode activates the fan when the control senses a rapid increase in humidity, and automatically shuts the fan off when the humidity levels return to a preset normal. 

Meet local codes and standards confidently
If you have to satisfy a local range-of-adjustment codes, a wall-switch with a humidistat setting is the ideal solution. To stay compliant with ASHRAE 62.2 requirements for continuous ventilation, a wall-switch with a cycle mode can make all the difference. Cycle modes set the fan to operate for a preset number of minutes every hour to achieve targeted ventilation levels. This can help meet whole-house mechanical ventilation (WHMV) requirements for new construction as well. 

Adjust humidity sensitivity to preferred comfort levels
Comfortable humidity levels are a personal preference. What’s more, you may wish to adjust how sensitive the technology is to humidity changes during different times of the year. For example, in low-humidity environments or large rooms you may want to adjust the sensitivity to a higher setting. In high humidity environments or smaller rooms, it may be better to set the sensitivity lower. Wall controls with a sensitivity dial enable precise control of fan performance regardless of climate or season. 

With auto shut-off, never worry about leaving the fan on
According to The Home Ventilating Institute, after a shower is used a ventilation fan should run for 20 minutes to adequately clear humidity and ensure moisture and condensation in the fan body and ducting is minimized. With auto shut-off you can leave the fan running without concern.  

A built-in, user-adjustable delay shutoff timer allows runtime customization for specific ventilation needs. For example, run-time will need to be longer if you have a steam shower. This energy-efficient solution helps you ventilate properly without running your fan unnecessarily. 

A smart, convenient, easy-to-install solution
Wall switches with humidity sensing technology are a simple, automatic solution to managing indoor humidity levels. Easy-to-adjust custom settings and automatic modes will help you find the perfect solution to your spot ventilation needs. With wall controls featuring Broan Sensaire™ technology, you can turn any spot ventilation fan into a smart, humidity sensing solution.
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