What is the SRE and why are we talking about it? 

The Sensible Recovery Efficiency (SRE) quantifies the amount of heat recovered by the incoming fresh air from the exhaust air. It is reported as a percentage of the total heat that is available for recovery.  

There’s a range of sensible recovery efficiency offered in the marketplace from the most affordable at around 60% up to the 80%+ in high efficiency models. A simple rule is the higher the SRE, the more energy you recover from your exhausted stale air and transfer to the incoming stream of outdoor fresh air to temper it before it is brought inside your house, which maximizes your comfort and energy savings. However, this doesn’t mean that lower tier models with a rating of 65% SRE shouldn’t be considered, these models do recover 2/3 of the exhausted stale air energy, which is more energy efficient than an exhaust fan or window.  

Why are we talking about the SRE? 

There is an increase in government initiatives and energy efficiency programs to incentivize the use of Heat / Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRVs and ERVs) with higher SRE – the higher the SRE, the more likely you are to improve your HERS score and earn more energy credits.

Broan offers a wide range of HRVs and ERVs, with SRE up to 84%. These products are the smart choice when it comes to energy efficiency and code requirements. Contact your Broan representative to learn more about how Broan can help you maximize your investment. 

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