Replace your OTR

How to Replace your OTR with a Range Hood 

Out with the old and in with the new!

While there can be many things to consider when choosing the proper range hood here is a quick way to switch out your OTR microwave with a range hood:

1. Measure the OTR width. (The vast majority are 30” wide)

2. Consider your cooking style and the CFM needed to meet the demands.
  • If using gas cook top or cooking style is more extreme, consider products with a minimum of 300 CFM.
  • If using professional style products, consider a minimum of 600 CFM.
3. Select an under-cabinet range hood that:
  • Has the same width as the OTR
  • Is greater than 18” deep (from the back to front of hood)
  • Is performance certified by the Home Ventilation Institute (
4. Unplug the OTR from the wall

5. Protect the surfaces below the OTR by covering them with carboard and/or drop clothes.

6. If the OTR is ducted from the top, remove the tape securing the duct to the OTR duct adapter.

7. Remove the support screws (2) that hold the OTR to the cabinet while having a second person support the OTR.
  • Don’t worry it won’t fall if second person simply maintains upward pressure in the front because there is a wall mount bracket holding up the back of the OTR.

8. Once both support screws, support the OTR from both sides (two people) and tilt the front down and simultaneous lift the back up to disengage the OTR from the wall bracket. Set the OTR down on a protected surface.

9. Remove the wall bracket from the wall and repair the screw hole.

10. Once the area is free from the OTR, install the range hood using the instructions provided.

Hopefully, this provides you with impetus and confidence to make a change to replace your OTR with a range hood. If you do it will lead you to a healthier, safer, more enjoyable environment for you and your family.
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