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A Bright Future for Clean Homes: Broan-NuTone and Vital Vio Introduce SurfaceShieldTM
Vital Vio and Broan-NuTone team up to create a hands-free antibacterial bathroom protection.
HARTFORD, Wis. (January 17, 2021) – Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house but are often severely neglected when it comes to cleaning. 80% of Americans clean their bathrooms once a week and 51% admit they only clean when it appears dirty.[1] The fact remains that even the most diligent cleaners can’t get rid of the bacteria, mold and mildew that continue to live on bathroom surfaces. Broan-NuTone® LLC, the largest provider of clean air products, partnered with Vital VioTM, the leader antibacterial LED lighting technology, to create SurfaceShieldTM, a vent fan + LED light technology designed for hands-free cleaning protection of bathrooms, home offices, nurseries and home gyms.

Common surfaces such as curtains, toilet seats, door handles, and sinks are some of the main perpetrators of accumulating bacteria. To reduce these health hazards, Broan-NuTone equipped models of Roomside™ series fans and DIY replacement grilles with SurfaceShield™ technology to create a new class of ventilation with antibacterial light technology. The Broan-Nutone SurfaceShield bath fans feature Vital Vio, Inc. LED’s that are deadly to bacteria, fungi and mold, allowing for hands-free protection, but cause no harm to people, pets and plants. This technology is built into the powerful and quiet 110 CFM Roomside series bathroom ventilation fan to pull airborne pollutants from the room, while also preventing bacterial buildup on surfaces.
“With SurfaceShield™ we are helping homeowners combat mold, mildew, bacteria and other air pollutants by protecting the room’s surfaces from these microorganisms and removing excess moisture and airborne impurities,” said Edwin Bender, VP of Marketing Broan-NuTone LLC. “By partnering with Vital Vio, Broan-NuTone is making a major advancement in our mission to make the air in homes as fresh as the air outside.”
By eliminating airborne and surface pollutants, Broan-NuTone’s Roomside exhaust fans with SurfaceShield Technology help every breath taken in the home be a fresh, healthy one. Homeowners can select between two lighting modes in the SurfaceShield™ LED light, an everyday white light perfect for task lighting and the SurfaceShield™ continuous antimicrobial mode. Designed for retrofit, remodel and replacement, the Broan® and NuTone® Roomside™ series 110 CFM fan features hassle-free installation from the room side, for spaces with no attic access.
The SnapFit Flange Kit, EzDuct™ connector and FoldAway™ mounting ears make it flexible to almost any installation challenge, especially for rooms on the first floor or basement of the home. Each carton comes complete with a precise template for accurate housing opening ceiling cut. The 110 CFM fan runs at a whisper
quiet 1.0 sones, making it so quiet you’ll hardly notice it’s there while providing enough power to remove moisture and pollutants.
“Broan’s introduction of Vital Vio’s technology into its new line of fan products shows how our companies are leading the industry in next-generation smart and healthy home solutions,” said Colleen Costello, CEO and co-founder, Vital Vio, Inc. “The launch of this product introduces antibacterial light technology into spaces known for mold and mildew. With this exciting new product, consumers can more effectively and efficiently keep their homes cleaner for themselves and their families. At Vital Vio, we look forward to continuing to offer innovative new solutions for a cleaner and healthier world for us all.”   
Broan-NuTone® LLC is North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of residential ventilation products including range hoods, ventilation fans, heater/fan/light combination units, balanced ventilation systems (IAQ), built-in heaters, and attic ventilators. NuTone®, a registered trademark of Broan-NuTone® LLC, manufactures and distributes residential built-in convenience products including doorbells, central vacuum systems and ventilation fans. Broan-Nutone® LLC is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® partner of the year. For more information, visit
Vital Vio® is a health tech company and the market leader in antibacterial LED lighting for homes, public places and in industry. The company’s patented technology and applications apply the power of a specific frequency of non-UV light, meeting international standards for continual and unrestricted use around people, pets and plants.  This new planet-friendly 21st-century approach to helping prevent the spread of disease from bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, and mildew (imagine no more mold in your shower) offers a groundbreaking way to a healthier and cleaner world for us all. For more information, visit
[1] Vital Vio | The Dirty Truth | Consumer Study
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