Bath & Exhaust Ventilation Fan FAQs

What is a sone, and how is it measured?
Why does my damper stay open on my unit?
Can I use a rough service incandescent bulb in my bath fan light fixture if I don't exceed the recommended wattage?
Can I replace an incandescent light bulb with a CFL or LED light bulb?
How do I properly size an exhaust fan for my bathroom?
What does CFM mean?
What is continuous ventilation?
Can I mount Broan NuTone fans above my tub and shower?
Can my ceiling fan be surrounded by insulation?
Will Broan-NuTone Fans work in wall-mount applications?
Will a ceiling fan or wall-mount utility fan serve as a range hood?
What does "static pressure" mean?
How long should a bath fan run after a shower is used?
How long should I run my heater?
What should I do if I can't wait for moisture to clear, but I don't want a fan to run all day long?
What are the timer features?
Where should the exhaust fan be located?
Where is the exhaust outlet on the ventilation fan?
Why do the windows and mirrors fog even when the fan is running?
Why is water dripping from the grille of the fan?
Can I install a heater over the bathtub or in a shower?
Can I use an inline or multi-port fan in one large bathroom?
Does a duct-free bath fan expel air?
Can I use a smaller diameter duct than what the fan is designed for?
Can larger diameter ducting be used with my bath fan?
What type of duct is recommended, rigid or flexible?
Can I exhaust my fan into my attic instead of out the roof or wall?
What type of exhaust fan is best for a sauna or hot tub area?
Can I use a fan in a steam shower?
Can I vent more than one bath fan out of a roof or wall cap?
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