Intercom FAQs

Do you still provide Intercoms?
What is the warranty on NuTone intercoms?
How can I obtain service on my NuTone intercom?
NuTone Retrofit Compatibility Charts
How can I determine the model number of a master station?
How can I determine if my current intercom is “looped” or “homerun” wired?
What are the primary cables recommended for NuTone intercoms?
What is the total number of speakers that can be used on each master?
I have an older 3 wire system. Can I update it with a newer system?
Can I use an MP-3 / I-pod type device with my intercom?
Can I use Cat 5 cable on the NM100?
Are the IM/IMA series components compatible with the NM series?
Are there “update” frames available for replacing older systems?
Can I use an electronic chime with the NM series intercom?
Can I install the NM series CD player (NC300) with my IM/IMA series master?
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