Trash Compactors FAQ

Does Broan still sell Trash Compactors?
What about my warranty now that Broan is out of the Trash Compactor business?
Will I be able to get trash bags, replacement and service parts and odor control discs?
How long is the warranty and what is covered?
What can I put in my compactor?
How much trash can I put in the compactor?
Is there an odor control system?
What color options are available?
What size wood door are the models 15WT and 15XEWT designed for?
Are the compactor doors reversible?
What size under-counter opening does the compactor require?
Can the compactor be used free-standing?
What are the electrical requirements for the compactors?
Is the compactor bucket or ram removable for cleaning purposes?
What are the differences between the Broan Elite and Elite XE trash compactors?
Do I have to use Broan-NuTone trash bags or will any trash bag work?
Do I have to use Broan-NuTone branded odor control discs?
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