Air Exchangers FAQ

Why would I need an air exchanger for my home?
Would I be able improve my air quality with just a bathroom or kitchen ventilator?
What is the difference between an air exchanger and a bathroom or kitchen ventilator?
May I vent my bath fans through an air exchanger's ductwork?
How much fresh air is needed in a home?
Who installs air exchangers?
What types of controls are available to operate the IAQ equipment?
Where is an air exchanger installed?
Can I connect my air exchanger to my furnace so it only runs when my furnace is running?
Why must I have a balanced ventilation system?
What temperature should the thermostat of the Attic Fan/Ventilator be set on?
Do air exchangers create humidity?
I have an indoor swimming pool, which unit do I need?
Can the crawl space be vented with the same unit as the house?
Are there some requirements regarding new constructions?
Why can’t I reduce my humidity level in the summer time?
I already have a ventilation unit, why is there still condensation on my windows?
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