Central Vacuum Systems FAQs

What size Power Unit should I use?
How many inlets may be installed in a system?
Where should I locate my wall inlet valves?
What is water lift?
What are air watts?
Is it required to exhaust the power unit to the outside?
When designing a system, what should I keep in mind?
Does Broan-NuTone offer any information on how to install a Central Vacuum System?
Can regular plumbing PVC be used for central vacuum tubing?
What is cyclonic action?
What is the difference between the air-driven powered vacuum cleaning heads and the electric powered cleaning heads?
When is a power brush or power head required?
Are the air-driven brushes operationally equivalent to the power brushes?
Will a dedicated electrical circuit be required for a central vacuum power unit installation?
My Central Vacuum has lost a lot of its suction. What is the most likely cause?
Is the Power Unit Filter washable?
What do I do when my hose gets clogged?
How can I clear a blockage in my vacuum system?
Can I use my central vac to vacuum up drywall dust?
Why does my system keep running even when my hose is removed and the power unit's switch is turned off?
How do I remove my power unit’s motor filter?
What is the difference between a Two Stage and a Three Stage motor?
What is the Sone Rating for any of our Central Vacs?
Is it better to install the Power Unit in the basement or garage?
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