ChromaComfort Fan LED Light FAQ

The auto-off timer does not seem to be working.
My grille sometimes does not respond to commands sent from the app.
The color that I see on the grille does not exactly match what I see in the app.
How do I create a custom color?
How do I create a custom scene?
Why am I seeing colors that I didn't choose during my custom scene?
Will I be alerted if there is an updated app?
Can I connect my phone or tablet to multiple grilles at the same time?
Can multiple phones or tablets be connected to the grille at one time?
Can I connect multiple ChromaComfort fans to a single wall control?
Can a single ChromaComfort fan be linked to multiple wall controls?
How do I display the color sweep mode?
Can I control the fan speed?
When should I replace my batteries?
I'm having trouble pairing my wall control to my fan.
Does the ChromaComfort fan work with any smart home systems (Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc)?
Is the wall control cover plate available in any other sizes, styles, or colors?
How do I wire my ChromaComfort fan unit?
How should I install the wall control?
Can I upgrade my existing Broan or NuTone fan to a ChromaComfort unit?
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