Doorbell FAQs

I already have one wireless chime and would like to add another one in my basement. If I purchase another chime, will my current buttons activate both chimes?
Can a two-note chime be replaced by a 4- or 8-note chime?
May two-chimes be on the same pushbutton?
Can an additional receiver (Chime Mechanism) be used with one wireless transmitter (Pushbutton)?
What is happening if a 4- or 8-note chime only operates as long as the pushbutton is depressed?
What is the operational distance for the wireless chimes?
How many wireless chimes can be controlled by a single wireless pushbutton?
How many two note chimes can be used in a single application?
What is occurring if the chime rings by itself?
How do I make my electronic chime louder?
What frequency do the wireless chimes operate?
What size batteries are used in the wireless transmitter (pushbutton) for the wireless chimes?
If an application is to connect two, 2 note chimes together, will 2 transformers be required?
Can two electronic chimes be wired together?
What may be done to assist with a wireless chime that is not operating from a short distance from the receiver?
What is the loudest chime Broan-NuTone makes?
Can the LA600WH work with both a wired and wireless button at the same time?
Will the PB78LWHCL work with any other chimes besides the LA600WH?
Will the LA600WH work with new pushbuttons PB82WH, PB85SN and PB85BR?
What support does my College Pride doorbell have?
What can be done for a two (2) note chime that does not ring loud enough?
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