Why work with a professional kitchen designer?

Designing or remodeling your kitchen is a complex and often quite expensive project. Whether you are looking at revisiting the decor of your house, condo or even your chalet, consider hiring a specialist who can guide you in terms of planning and choosing the best materials. 

Bringing a unique knowledge of emerging trends, a kitchen designer can help you bring your dream kitchen to life, in a way that fits your decorative taste and budget. Here are a few advantages of using the services of an expert when designing your dining area.


You will save time and money

Hiring a certified designer is a wise investment which will turn a profit before you know it.  A specialist will help you to better identify your needs, plan your budget, establish a schedule, manage your project and even supervise the work. After giving the green light, all you have to do is let yourself be guided, while the kitchen designer carries the project through.


An added-value to your home

Dreaming of a kitchen worthy of magazines? An experienced kitchen designer is capable of creating a unique and personalized design for your kitchen. After having acknowledged your needs, tastes and lifestyle, a professional will bring a creative perspective and help you built an ergonomic space which will let your colors shine.  From the choice of cabinets to plumbing accessories, to the surface of your countertop and your range hood…why not one from Broan-NuTone, a designer will bring to light the latest trends and deploy all efforts to make the most of the space available to embellish your culinary environment.

Quality guaranteed

Whether you are considering a renovation or construction project, having a kitchen designer becomes a must in order to avoid costly mistakes. In the case of a remodeling, before submitting a sketch, the designer will assess the current layout and take note of any structural characteristics (e.g. windows, walls, ceiling height, electrical and lighting outlets, water supply system and drainage, and so on). As is the case for a new construction project, a detailed plan will then be provided, usually accompanied by a 3D technical drawing which will allow you visualize the layout of your new kitchen. Once the final approval is given, your project goes from concept to completion.
Due to their extensive expertise and excellent active listening skills, professional designers will develop a unique concept for your kitchen, which will be practical as well as stylish, one that will also respect your way of life, your taste and your budget.   Designing your kitchen alongside a designer assures you a more valuable, satisfying outcome for many years.
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