What is the required CFM to meet your needs

Your kitchen is the heart of your home but it is also an integral part of your life; the place where your family comes together and where you enjoy many quality moments, everyday. However, cooking causes emanations of unwanted fumes such as grease, moisture and odors, which pollute indoor air. This is why it is mandatory to choose an efficient range hood adapted to your cooking lifestyle, which will ensure your kitchen is well-ventilated at all times.


Two fundamental criteria to remember

On the market today there are many range hood styles available and just as many options in terms of airflow capacity. Remember that it’s just as important to choose a range hood that matches the style of your kitchen as it is to opt for a model adapted to your stove and cooking lifestyle.  First, you need to know that the airflow capacity of a range hood is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute), or how much exhausted air is moved through cubic feet per minute.
To get a better idea, stoves and gas cookers can generate so much heat that an airflow of 500 CFM, or a minimal ventilation rate of 100 CFM per 10 000 BTU of cooktop output, is recommended. For example, a stove with a heat output of 50 000 BTU will require a 500 CFM range hood, whereas another with 80 000 BTU will require a minimum exhaust capacity of 800 CFM, and so on.
Electric and induction cooktops release less heat and as a result, they require a less powerful range hood. Often, a ventilation power varying between 350 CFM and 500 CFM is sufficient, depending on your cooking habits. For example, if you are used to using many rings at the same time, you will require a higher ventilation power. Before purchasing your hood unit, find out some information on the recommended CFM for your cooking surface.
The next element to consider is the size of the exhaust duct. As the duct’s length increases, so does the required CFM. Note that the minimum size duct allowed is 3 inches by 10 inches (height x length), which is equivalent to 6" in diameter. In order to ensure optimal ventilation, make sure that the installation and dimensions of the product are compliant with the manufacturer’s specifications.
Finally, look for HVI- Certified range hoods – by the Home Ventilating Institute – as they have been tested and approved by this non-profit organization bringing together home ventilation products manufacturers. The HVI certification assures you are purchasing a unit which adheres to industry standards of safety, quality and reliability. In other words, choosing a HVI-Certified range hood ensures that your unit will deliver the performance specified by the manufacturer. To find out more about the HVI performance certification, visit http://www.hvi.org/.
Broan-NuTone is a manufacturer renowned for its expertise, leadership and innovation. We offer a wide range of range hoods certified by the Home Ventilating Institute* (HVI).  To help you choose the right product, visit the range hood section and compare the various models we offer; you will surely find the perfect one for your kitchen!
*The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certifies a wide range of ventilation products sold in North America. If a range hood is not HVI-Certified, its performance and adherence to specific industry standards are not guaranteed. 
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