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Contributors to Poor Indoor Air Quality

  1. Moisture - Moisture that is not properly ventilated can cause mildew and mold formation, which can potentially lead to structural problems and health problems. Exhaust ventilation solutions from Broan remove humidity at the source to help maintain the optimal humidity balance of 40 to 60 percent.
  2. Cooking effluents - Cooking effluents from food preparation can infiltrate the whole house in minutes. Grease, oils and aromas settle permanently into carpets, furniture, clothing and other surfaces. Kitchen ventilation solutions help eliminate cooking effluents for a cleaner, more comfortable and healthier environment.
  3. Off-gassing - Off-gassing from construction materials, carpeting, adhesives and synthetic materials—as well as solvents from common household cleaners—can accumulate in tightly built homes. Look to Broan for continuous ventilation solutions that meet ASHRAE 62.2.
  4. Particulates -  Particulates from dust, allergens, pet dander, and more can contribute to poor indoor air quality up to 100 times dirtier than outside air. With a properly ventilated home, you create a more enjoyable, comfortable and healthier environment.

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Learn more in our blog posts

Learn more in our blog posts

Poor indoor air quality can have a negative effect on your home. Replacing your bathroom fan, range hood or even installing a new fan in high-humidity areas of your home can make a positive impact on your health.

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