Broan® AI Series™ 150 CFM Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

A healthy home starts with fresh air. The Broan AI series is the most advanced residential fresh air system on the market. This unit features our VIRTUO™ Air Technology which is specifically designed to provide fresh air in any season and in any installation situation. Easy installation combined with auto-balancing means fresh, filtered, comfortable air without the need for specialized measurement tools or added install time.




California Title 24 Compliance – FID Requirements

California Title 24 Compliance – FID Requirements

Compatible with Overture™ Connected IAQ System

Compatible with Overture™ Connected IAQ System

HVI Certified

HVI Certified

  • By continuously monitoring changing indoor and outdoor conditions, the AI Series with VIRTUO™ Air Technology, provides fresh, filtered and healthy air throughout the home
  • MERV 8 filters are installed standard. Capturing lint, dust, pollen, dust mites, debris and spores for superior air quality and comfort. Even more powerful filtration is available with an optional MERV 13 filter upgrade
  • Powerful, reliable and quiet PMSM ECM fan motors provide up to 60% energy savings compared to other units on the market
  • Developed on a compact, universal platform with several mounting and port options to save space and reduce install time
  • With a selectable airflow speed range from 35 – 150 CFM, this AI Series model will meet the needs of a medium-large size home
  • Unit setup, balancing and diagnostics are made easy with complete control using the integrated LCD screen providing real-time airflow measurements, automatic system balancing and simple diagnostic codes
  • Can be used to comply with California Title 24, Part 6 Fault Indicator Display Requirements when paired with any of these Broan main controls: VTTOUCHW, VAUTOW, VTSPEEDW, VTDEHUMW

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Broan AI Series H/ERV IAQ System Fault Indicator Display Requirement
California Title 24 Compliance

Broan AI Series H/ERV IAQ System Fault Indicator Display Requirement

The AI Series integrated LCD screen & visual indicators on the main wall controls provides the homeowner peace of mind their fresh air system is working properly and provides the information you need to ensure a proper installation.


Sensible recovery efficiency at 32°F 82% (36 CFM)
Sensible recovery efficiency at -13°F 63% (64 CFM)
Apparent sensible efficiency at 32°F 88% (36 CFM)
Product Height 21.58
Product Width 21.07
Product Length 16.14
Ports Location Top
Ports Size 5" Round
Filtration Level MERV 8
ENERGY STAR® certified No
HVI Certified Yes
cUL Listed Yes
UL Listed Yes
Core Warranty Limited Lifetime
Parts Warranty 5 Years

AI Series Consumer Video

AI Series Contractor Video

AI Series Fresh Air Systems Wall Controls

Broan AI Series Installation and Configuration

Broan AI Series Maintenance

Fault Indicator Display Screen Sequence

Independent Airflow Adjustment

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