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The Easiest DIY. Ever.

The Easiest DIY. Ever.

A dingy and discolored fan grille/cover can be an eye sore to your updated bathroom. And a loud or noisy fan can keep you from using it. Keep every corner looking and smelling fresh with a new Broan or NuTone fan grille. With various styles, a color that matches the most common ceiling white, lighting options, and a 5 minute or less install time, it's one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable bathroom upgrades you'll make.

Grille/Cover versus Fan Upgrade

Is Your Current Grille/Cover Dirty, Dingy and Lacking Features?
Upgrade Your Grille/Cover

Is Your Current Grille/Cover Dirty, Dingy and Lacking Features?

If the grille is dirty, discolored and lacking features, but the fan is quiet and still working, a grille upgrade will be enough to keep your bathroom looking fresh. Find the right grille with the perfect features.

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Is Your Current Fan Noisy?
Upgrade Your Fan and Motor

Is Your Current Fan Noisy?

If your fan is noisy or not working, you will need a fan upgrade. Our convenient fan kits allow you to easily replace your Broan and NuTone fan and grille with one simple package.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Poor indoor air quality can have a negative effect on your home. Replacing your bathroom fan, range hood or even installing a new fan in high-humidity areas of your home can make a positive impact on your health.

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