Dehumidifier Accessories

Broan® DEH 3000R Digital Control & Remote Sensor

The Broan® DEH 3000R Digital Controller provides you precise control and monitoring of your whole-home ventilating dehumidifier with the advantage of placing the remote sensor in the living space while taking up minimal wall space. Set the relative humidity %, program ventilation schedules, and control how your dehumidifier interacts with your home's air handling system.




  • Compatible with the Broan® B70DHV, B98DHV, & B120DHV
  • Set the relative humidity percentage and allow the dehumidifier to operate when needed to maintain the setpoint
  • Program a ventilation schedule to best suit your home's fresh air needs
  • Automatically activate or deactivate the dehumidifier when the air conditioner runs
  • Features Auto Reboot operation to return to previous settings in the event of a power failure
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