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NuTone® Central Vacuum Combination Carpet & Bare Floor Attachment Set

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NuTone® Central Vacuum Carpet & Bare Floor Attachment Set includes all the attachments you need to keep your living space pure and dust free. With selections for carpeting, hard floors, draperies and furniture, CS500 features the convenience of maximum power without the need for electrified inlets.




  • 30-Foot current carrying direct connect crushproof hose (CH615) gives you the reach you need to cover a lot of territory before you move on to the next inlet, so you spend more time vacuuming and less time moving the hose around; lightweight and crushproof, the hose springs back to retain its original state if it is accidentally stepped on or caught in a door ensuring long lasting life
  • Deluxe electric power brush (CT700) provides exceptional soil removal through a motorized roller bar with nylon brushes and 4-position height adjustments, so you can control the proper cleaning action for all your carpets; built-in full-width light powered by superior LED lighting maximizes cleaning visibility which means you won’t miss a thing
  • Direct Connection to electrified central vacuum inlets (CI358, CI390)
  • A Premium Twist & Turn floor brush (CT158) with a 13" width and easy maneuverability
  • A current carrying, adjustable wand (CT175) that extends from 26" up to 39". Use with the Deluxe Electric Power Brush (CT700)
  • A secondary, extendable Wand (CK135) adjusts from 22" up to 39"
  • Durable Dusting Brush (CT105) with soft natural hair bristles
  • Upholstery Tool (CT106G) with soft natural hair bristles on the slip-on/slip-off brush
  • Soft, durable fabric hose sock (CA130) protects the vacuum hose and will prevent scratching the corners of walls and marking furniture as you move around the room, so you don’t have to move furniture or worry about walls
  • Long Crevice tool (CT110) that measures 13" in length with a notched end
  • Wall mounted wand hanger. Stores your wand and powerhead when not in use.
  • Convenient storage bag lets you to keep all your tools in one place; nothing gets lost and you can pick the best tool for the job
  • Kit works with electrified inlets CI358, CI390, eliminating the need for extension cords which simplifies the vacuuming routine
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